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Katheren Szabo is a poet, arts activist and a vibrant community organizer. Her poems have been published in over 20 poetry chapbooks and theme-based ezines including We Are NewtonHands & Heart, and Bulbs & Beauty. She is a co-founder of Cedar Bark Poets, a reading series that happens every month; and, she is a regular contributor to Friends of the Grove and community garden called The Plot in Newton, Surrey. At 11 years of age, Katheren began writing poetry as code to keep her diary safe from her siblings. ‘I have kept it all‘ she said, ‘and now have a large pile of dusty journals that hold my poetic life within. I am not a public poet and struggle to give voice to my words.’ Last year, she had said: ‘We shall embark together on breaking the mute silence of my writing on May 26th at Surrey Muse Event. See you there!’ since then, Katheren has presented at conferences, discussion groups and literary events to share her art and thoughts on issues around sexual violence, healing and environment.